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Over 36 million people practiced yoga in 2016.  While yoga has been gaining popularity in the United States since the 1960's, for many centuries it has been taught to individuals or small groups addressing individual concerns.  While everybody can benefit from the practice of Yoga, not every practice is for every body.

One to One Yoga is for every level. From someone brand new to Yoga to the most seasoned teacher.  If you have a long standing ache or are recovering 
from an injury, there are specific practices which will benefit you as an individual that may not be in every or any class that you take.  One to One Yoga offers you access to the best actions for you to promote the most efficient return to your optimal health and well being.

"Yoga is a harmony. 

Not for him who eats too much,

or for him who eats too little;

not for him who sleeps too little,

or for him who sleeps too much."  

B.G. 6:16



*Understanding the basic principles.  If you are just starting (or starting again) one or two sessions can assist you to enter group classes with confidence.

*Addressing individual concerns.  Some individuals may be limited by physical conditions, or they may want a more stress management focus, or have health issues that preclude a larger setting.  If you can breathe, you can benefit from the practices of Yoga.

*To develop a personal practice.  Ideally you can practice 15-20 minutes every day that you choose to in your own home.  One to One Yoga helps you to discover which practices are best suited for your individual goals.

*To deepen your practice.  If you find a particular posture challenging, or have questions about a general category of practices, One to One Yoga can offer you refinements and sequences to take your practice to your next level.

*Deep, deep relaxation.  At times, more movement is not the answer.  At these times, relaxation is the answer.  At the end of the day; the body needs rest.  There are techniques including pranayama, constructive rest, yoga nidra which allow you to access that wellspring of renewal within yourself.  These are the gateways to meditative practices, and access to your infinite potential. Contact me to book a One to One session.


“Michael is very professional and knowledgeable and very sensitive to my individual needs at every meeting.  He is able to adapt his emphasis each session on what seems most appropriate for me.  He has improved my yoga depth of knowledge and made each week fun yet very beneficial, spiritually as well as physically.  A pleasure to work with."  

-P. Satow, BA Columbia, MA Georgetown

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