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Michael was introduced to yoga while attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1984.  And he still marvels at how yoga presents us with the endless possibility to deepen our experience and to grow our understanding.  Like many, when Michael first met yoga it was through movement.  After meeting yoga he moved from the practice of martial arts and also switched majors, studying dance and encountering "The Only Dance There Is” by Ram Dass.  His studies led to a professional dance career and to living in New York, N.Y.

Michael met Anusara Yoga through Jackie Prete on retreat at a Zen monastery in the Catskills in 2000.  There was something decidedly different about that experience, and realizing that he was never going to get enough information through 90 minutes classes (no matter how many a week) he signed up for his first Teacher Training.  Just to learn.

Now as a E-RYT® 500, YACEP® teacher with more than 13,000 hours of teaching experience, and three times that much time in study and practice, he still marvels at how Yoga presents us with the endless possibility to deepen our experience and to grow our understanding.  Michael loves to share the practices of Yoga at every level.

He has been studying with Paul Muller Ortega and Blue Throat Yoga since 2012 and in 2017 completed EHS12.

In 2018 Michael completed an Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training led by Todd Norian in Essex, N.Y.   Michael currently teaches at Lake Champlain Yoga & Wellness in Essex.  He and his wife moved to Westport, N.Y. in 2017. Learn more...


"I started out as a yoga skeptic, considering it somewhat of a kin to voodoo.  Michael changed that and made me appreciate the value both physical and mental of a good yoga practice.  Michael has aided me with yoga instruction for nearly ten years, through two major surgeries.  I am physically stronger and far more flexible due to his once a week sessions.  If you have the opportunity to practice yoga with him, do yourself the favor and sign yourself up. You will be a better person.”


-A. Byrnes, BA Harvard, MBA Stanford, Senior Managing Director

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