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Shiva/Shakti Discussion & Practice

Sunday: February 2nd, 2pm to 4pm, Yoga Roots, Shelburne VT


Each individual, you and I, are an expression of the infinite. As a finite individual, at times we forget the infinite potency from whence we manifest. And, we do this or that as an expression of our potential. We will stop doing one thing but continue to manifest another possibility. But everything has a source.


Throughout history, there has often been debate about this and that…...Yes/No, Woman/Man, Day/Night. In the non-dualist perspectives, it really is this and that, in other words there is no separation and everything is for our awakening. In the refined perspective of the Kasmirian Shaivite tradition everything is Shiva/Shakti, a paradigm of ONE potency, infinite possibilities. We will examine some of the subtle differences between potential and our power to manifest. Both in discussion and in our embodied condition through asana.

Cost: $35

The Bhagavad Gita

Friday: March 6th, 5pm to 8pm, Yoga Roots, Shelburne VT


What do you care for? What do you care enough about that you would live for it? How could you live a deeply caring life, without allowing others to care for what they care for? We will approach the inexhaustible gifts of the Bhagavad Gita first through a brief discussion, followed by a potpourri practice to celebrate embodiment, and finally some time to digest our experience through conversation.


Literally one of the great books through all of time, the Bhagavad Gita has influenced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Emerson and Thoreau and countless others over centuries, and has been translated into virtually every language imaginable. Why does it have this appeal? How can it sustain this interest through generations?


In Stephen Mitchell’s translation one reason may be the claim that without the practice of yoga comes ”confusion, weakness of memory; weak memory—weak understanding; weak understanding—ruin.” Isherwood is a little more stern, he translates it as “you miss life’s only purpose.”


Join us for this special evening. Please pre-register. Limited seats available.

Cost: $30

Happy Feet II

Saturday: March 21st, 2pm to 4pm, Yoga Roots, Shelburne VT

Your two feet have been with you every step of the way along life’s journey and your feet affect your well being, literally from head to toe! We will explore and pamper the muscles and ligaments that support each of the 26 bones in each of your soon to be VERY happy feet. Take home some self-care practices for you feet and prepare for more grace, ease and better balance, by learning to pay a little more attention to each step you take.


Cost: $35

Artistry in Adjustments II

Saturday: April 18th, 2pm to 4pm, Yoga Roots, Shelburne VT

As a way to help support and deepen each other's practice we will share how to practice adjustments. This workshop will focus more on the lateral poses, (think triangle, warrior II, etc) where the hips are doing discrete and complimentary actions. We will also examine how our shoulders compliment our hips in these poses. If you teach, or are just interested in a deeper experience in your postures, this is a wonderful way to assist your process.


Cost: $35

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“Michael is adept at assessing the mind and body of his students.  His knowledge of physiology commands respect and awe…. As a physician, I know that patients with physical limitations, disabilities or undergoing rehab will benefit tremendously by working with Mike.”


L.A.Schonholz, M.D

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